She is a rare Avis. Born in Córdoba Argentine on December 1962, married and has a daughter of 22 years.

Studied arts at the superior school of arts in Córdoba and developed her own style in autodidactic form.
Being a businesswoman she is in charge as commercial director of a very well known important manufacturing company in Argentina.

Her parents inspired her to to the art initiating with paintings and ceramic materials.

Today while she is working as a commercial manager art is for her a distraction and a relaxing activity.
At the beginning her paintings where traditionally on racks mixed with water acrylic and soon she began to innovate mixing paper kite, rice, sunflower oil, sand, oil pastel, fibers, clay and other materials in spontaneously form. Continuously looking for new experimental works with cotton, polenta, paper and also inspired by her husband to use more colors and larger works.

Her last experimentations leads her to get closer to informalism, working with ground coal, cement, plaster, latex paint water, acrylic,etc.

At the beginning presented heir works only in her Facebook, however a potential buyer from Saudia Arabia made her to start presenting heir works first I me in public in 2013.
Some of her works were auctioned in the Swiss Embassy in Buenos Aires and are today held in private collections in Argentina , Brazil and Switzerland.

Arabia potential buyer makes out a way to export their paintings and there showing his paintings at the Recoleta Cultural Center, offered to exhibit their works and the first officially defined as an artist

His last experimentation leads her to get closer to informalism, working with ground coal, cement, plaster and latex paint water, acrylic etc.